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Ireson-Paine Spreadsheet Parts Repository

Jocelyn Ireson-Paine
07768 534 091
Summertown, Oxford, England

Download Excelsior from our Excelsior page, and try writing your own spreadsheet modules. Or try it on the Life spreadsheet explained in Gliders, Hasslers, and the Toadsucker: Writing and Explaining a Structured Excel Life Game.

Randy Roesler has submitted a version of the Filter: removes all strings not matching a pattern component, which may be more efficient on large spreadsheets.

You are the Harry Potter™ of spreadsheet modelling. You know precisely how to model your company's business in Excel. But many tasks need special skills. Some, such as statistical calculations, go badly wrong if you don't consider things such as numerical accuracy, rounding errors, and division by zero. Others, such as creating lists of dropdown menus options from bigger lists with the functions available from Excel, are just plain hard.

We provide a Web-based library of pre-written spreadsheet calculations! Just look up your needs in our Contents page. Then, using a Web form, tell our server which cells in your spreadsheet the part should use as inputs, and where it should put its results. Our server will reshape the part to fit your spreadsheet, and send it as a link which you can copy into your spreadsheet using a program we provide, explained on our How to copy your component into Excel page.

If you want to experiment with this without affecting your own spreadsheets, you could try downloading and running one of our demonstrations. These, and the background to the Repository, are explained on our Demonstrations and Background page.

You can insert parts into Google Spreadsheets as well as Excel. This is explained in one of our demonstrations, Spreadsheet Components, Google Spreadsheets, and Code Reuse, a 3-page feature with screen shots showing the Repository working with Google Spreadsheets.

We test and document all parts. Documentation includes a listing of the part's source code; and an example spreadsheet demonstrating usage, which you can download and try. If you'd like to see how we document stuff, please follow the links on our Contents page.

24th January 2014